Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did you come up with a name like Toadlick?

We suspect we’re going to hear this question a lot, so we’re going to tackle this one right out of the box. One evening many moons ago, the organizers of the music festival were sitting around trying to come up with the perfect name. We wanted it to be memorable, unique, and fun. All kinds of names were popping up when one young lady hollered “Toadlick”. Talk about silencing the room, that did! We all sat there and pondered it for a while and realized she had indeed stumbled across the perfect name. We all loved it! So here we are and now you know.


Incidentally, later research revealed that some people have actually licked toads for some unfathomable reason. This trend was featured on the hit TV show 1000 Ways to Die. Why? Because someone licked the wrong toad and did indeed pass away. We implore you – do not lick a toad. Ever.


Q. My dog loves Colt Ford. Can I bring Buster to Toadlick?

A. We love dogs who love country music! Your pooch can attend if it is a small dog and you are one of our campers. All dogs must remain at the campsite though. They are not allowed at the concerts.


Q. My favorite performer is performing on Friday night. Can I buy a one-day pass just to see him?

A. Sorry, there are no one-day passes available. When you think about it, our prices are so low, they look like one-day passes. At Toadlick, you get three days of music for one very low price.


Q. My knees are bad. Can I get a ride from the parking lot?

A. Yes! We will have shuttles picking up festival goers in the parking lot, uh, field.


Q. Can I bring my horses to Toadlick?

A. While our campers are in a pasture, of sorts, we can’t let you bring your horses due to safety and other concerns. Course, you can sleep in a horse trailer if you want. And, iron horses are welcome. But please, no live horses, cows, pigs, mules, zebra, giraffe, elephants, kangaroos…


Q. I can bring my own beer? Cool! But what about ice?
A. Yes, you can bring your own beer or other booze. Just be sure it is NOT in a glass bottle and it IS in a collapsible cooler. Ice is available by the scoop throughout the festival grounds.


Q. What happens when I drink all my beer?
A. You feel really good! Aside from that, we do recommend you keep a larger cooler in your car or at your campsite and you can carry your collapsible cooler back and refill it. Since we are a BYOB festival, no alcohol is sold on site.
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